Ancient Bishu

What is the delicious sake of ancient times?

Brand introduction

Carefully selected rare vintage sake

A premium brand that visits sake breweries across Japan and carefully selects rare vintages of sake, shochu, awamori, and plum wine that have been aged for over 10 years.

① A rare “aged sake” that becomes deeper as time passes.

As alcohol ages, it develops sweetness and aroma, making it more delicious and delicious.

We have set a maturation standard of 10 years or more for the sake of ancient times, and only carefully select vintages with a high degree of perfection.

Of the total sake produced nationwide, the survival rate for vintages that are 10 years old or more is 0.0009%. This is a rare aged sake that is less than the size of an Olympic pool.

② A gift that honors the “time” that your loved one has traveled so far.

Aged sake, which has been stored in sake breweries throughout the ages, is perfect for gifts with the theme of "time."

A fun time talking about old memories with a loved one, expressing gratitude on a client's founding anniversary, congratulating and loving a child who turned 20, etc.

You can convey various feelings depending on the age and age of your child.

③ Vintage carefully selected by sommeliers and experts

Sommeliers and experts visit sake breweries across the country and carefully select only vintages with particularly outstanding taste and aroma.

We currently have 60 vintage liquors, and we offer gift sets that combine them from various perspectives such as region and theme.

Competition awards

Winner of numerous international competitions

We carry many award-winning brands, including those that won gold medals at the world's largest wine competition, IWC, held in the UK, and the Feminalise World Wine Competition 2022, held in France.

Track record of implementation in restaurants, department stores, etc.

Available at famous hotels and major department stores

This ancient sake is highly rated by top chefs and is sold at many restaurants. Click here for an interview article about the restaurant that provided the information.

Vision of the brand

Takumi Sosei Co., Ltd. Representative Director Akihiko Yasumura

Cultural creation and employment creation

Technological innovations in IT and the trend of globalization are causing major changes in the way we live our lives, including food, clothing, and shelter, and industries that have supported Japan's ancient culture, such as craftsmen and sake breweries, are being forced to experience a major contraction in their markets.

However, the skills of the craftsmen who worked there are the spirit of Japan, the spirit of hospitality, and the uniqueness of Japan, and now, in this era of globalization, we should be proud of it and preserve it to the world.

While various efforts are currently being made around the world, we are working with the few sake breweries that have aged sake to help spread high-quality aged sake, which has been used by the imperial family since ancient times in Japan, around the world. We launched a brand.

Delicious sake from ancient times -INISHIE NO BISHU-

We aim to convey the charm of vintage sake, shochu, awamori, and umeshu (Japanese sake) to the ``high-quality aged liquor market,'' which is the norm for whiskey and wine, creating noble value and creating new sales channels. I will let you do it.

Our goal is to revitalize Japan's proud traditional industry in line with today's times and make it an attractive profession that attracts people from all over the world. By incorporating new methods and ideas that have never been seen before, we will deliver the thoughts and techniques of producers to the world.

Choose a gift item

Add a story to your gift

Memories and relationships of trust with loved ones that have been created over time. A gift of long-term aged sake will bring back those memories.

Choose based on the gift occasion

As an anniversary gift such as a wedding anniversary

Looking back on the trajectory of growing old together as a couple with old sake

``I got married this year, and my child was born this year.''

If you give a set that allows you to taste and compare old sake from different generations, you can give the gift a fun time to talk about memories with your family or loved ones.

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Select by age

As a birthday present or Father's Day gift for your father

This year marks 25 years since my father became a father. As a token of our gratitude, we present old sake aged the same age as the present.

On Father's Day, Mother's Day, and my parents' birthdays, I want to express my gratitude to my parents for all they have done to raise me.

If you give someone a drink that has been aged for the same age as their age, they will surely feel the weight of your gratitude.