What is Inishie no Bishu?

This is a premium brand of sake, shochu, plum wine, and awamori that have been aged for at least 10 years and carefully selected by sommeliers who have visited more than 100 breweries across Japan .

The remaining 0.0009% of the total sake produced in Japan is aged sake that has been aged for 10 years or more.
That's less than an Olympic swimming pool.

The mission of ``Ancient Sake'' is to revive traditional aged sake, which has been enjoyed by aristocrats as a noble drink since the Kamakura period, into modern times.

Characteristics of ancient sake

① Commitment to long-term aging of 10 years or more in principle

Long-term aging produces sweetness, aroma, and sourness, allowing you to enjoy a rich and delicious taste.
It would be difficult to make domestic aged sake made in that year again.
The taste and aroma will vary depending on the temperature of the year, the way the air blows into the tanks inside the warehouse, and the composition of the raw materials.

②Reliable quality carefully selected by wine sommeliers

Approaching over 1200 sake breweries nationwide. Our sommelier has carefully selected brands with particularly excellent taste and aroma. Currently, we handle about 60 brands of alcohol from Akita Prefecture in the north and Okinawa Prefecture in the south.

③A wide range of product lineups that go beyond breweries and aging years

We offer comparison sets of sake, shochu, plum wine, and awamori.
There are sets based on years and regions.
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The taste of delicious sake from ancient times

The taste of fine sake from ancient times is expressed using three elements : sweetness, sourness, and aroma .

The stronger the sweet caramel-like sweetness, the more you can taste the aged sake.
Acidity : The higher the acidity, the sharper it will be and the more compatible it will be with food.
You can feel a variety of aromas such as fruit and spices that you would not expect from Japanese alcoholic drinks.

When all three elements are high, it feels rich, and when all three elements are low, it feels light.
A relatively high level of any one of these elements will result in a distinctive drink.

This will vary depending on the changes in the ingredients contained, but
The higher the component concentration,
The longer the ripening period, the
The greater the difference in storage temperature, the

It is said that the color becomes darker.

A new concept called Vintage

Vintage has usually been associated with wine

Seasonal changes, rice quality, manufacturing process, and storage environment all affect
Shaping the vintage of sake and bringing out new flavors

Every moment becomes special,
A one-time experience is attractive

We are redefining the new charm of vintage in the world of sake, shochu, awamori, and plum wine.

We invite you to a new vintage world of sake full of surprise and joy.