Retirement/retirement celebration

A long-aged aged sake gift recommended to celebrate a promotion, transfer, or retirement.

Work makes people more interesting. The same goes for aged sake.

For all working people, their previous work and career is their life. You will increase your maturity through various experiences.

Aged sake, whose flavor deepens over many years, is the perfect gift for adults who are full of humanity.

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To celebrate 38 years of hard work, we present a bottle of sake that has been aged for the same number of years.

A delicious sake from the past that carries brands of various ages that have been aged for at least 10 years.

By giving a gift of old sake based on the number of years of service from the time you started your job until retirement, or the number of years of service at your current workplace, you can convey your feelings to the other person.

Dad, manager, thank you for your hard work. Flowers bloom in old tales.

A gift of delicious sake from ancient times, where you can sample and compare brands from various eras.

Share nostalgic memories of the past while sharing a cup with your family and colleagues. Why not give the gift of such a fun time?

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