- Bringing traditional culture to the world -

Takumi Sosei's job is to ``make the most of people.''

As someone whose calling is career support,
``I want to support people who are passionate about traditional industries and work on them''
In 2017 , we launched “Takumi Sosei”, a real career support company for craftsmen.

Due to the trend of IT technological innovation and globalization
The lifestyle of food, clothing, and shelter has also changed significantly.
Industries that have supported Japan's ancient culture, such as craftsmen and sake breweries, are facing a significant market contraction.

However, the skills of the craftsmen who worked there
The spirit of harmony, the spirit of hospitality,
It is Japanese-like,
Now is the time for this globalization
Something we should be proud of and leave behind to the world
I think

Aged old sake is a high-quality sake that was used even by the imperial family in Japan's noble food culture that lasted from ancient times to the Meiji era.

Together with the few sake breweries that still hold aged sake, we
We have launched a brand specializing in long-term aged Japanese sake.

Delicious sake from ancient times

This aging technique, which is common in whiskey and wine,
Completely reprinted for sake, shochu, awamori, and plum wine.
We will create new sales channels for Japanese sake and improve its value.

our goal is
Making traditional industries more attractive occupations

Incorporating new methods and ideas that have never existed before
We will deliver the thoughts and techniques of producers to the world.
Akihiko Yasumura, President and Representative Director of Takumi Sosei Co., Ltd.