「Kura Master 2023」で「1999 福光屋」がプラチナ賞を受賞、「2004 峰の雪」「2005 稲田姫」が金賞を受賞

On May 22 , 2023 , " 1999 Fukumitsuya" won the platinum award, and " 2004 Mine no Yuki" and " 2005 Inadahime" won the gold medal in the aged sake category of the Japanese sake competition " Kura Master 2023 " held in France. I received an award.

`` Kura Master '' is a group of people from Europe, mainly French, including holders of the MOF ( Meilleur Ouvrier de France ), which certifies the qualifications of the highest craftsmen in France, as well as top sommeliers, barmen, and carvisers at top hotels in France. This is a competition in which professionals from the food and beverage industry serve as judges.

Approximately 1,100 items were exhibited in this year's sake category. In addition to the Aged Sake category, there were 5 other categories including the Junmai Sake category and the Junmai Daiginjo Sake category, with 117 platinum award winners and 242 gold award winners.

We would like to introduce the three brands that received this award.

Platinum Award Winner 1999 Fukumitsuya

Sake Yamahai Junmai
Raw material rice: Yamada Nishiki rice polishing ratio 65%
Alcohol content: 15 %
Room temperature tank storage
Brewed by: Fukumitsuya

It has a balance of sweetness and acidity similar to apricot jam. Due to its long aging, it has a caramel-like and mellow aroma, and the subtle spicy aftertaste makes it an addictive taste.

~ Brewing Company Fukumitsuya Founded in 1625 Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture ~
A sake brewery with the longest history in Kanazawa, the capital of Kaga, which has cultivated a unique culture in the Hokuriku region. The clear water that took 100 years to reach from the sacred Mt. Hakusan and the climate with four distinct seasons supported sake brewing. Continuing to evolve traditional techniques, they switched all of their products to pure rice sake in 2001, and have been attracting attention.

Gold Award Winner 2004 Mine no Yuki

Sake Junmai Ginjo
Raw material rice: Yamada Nishiki rice milling ratio 50 %
Alcohol content: 13% (storage)
Brewed by: Mineyuki Sake Brewery

The sweet scent of sweet and sour apricots and honey is mixed with the refreshing scent of herbs. The gentle sweetness of the rice is pleasant. Its deep flavor and subtle aged aroma make it very approachable.

~Brewed by Minenoyuki Sake Brewery Founded in 1942 , Kitakata City, Fukushima Prefecture~

There are so many sake breweries in Kitakata that it can be called a town of sake breweries, but this is the youngest brewery in the city. ``Mine no Yuki'' was taken from Mt. Iide, which forms the prefectural border with Yamagata. The brewers are also young and take on new challenges every year. The mead sake, which is brewed using only honey harvested from the rich nature at the foot of the mountain, is a testament to the uniqueness of this brewery.

Gold Award Winner 2005 Inada Hime

Sake Pure rice raw material: Gouriki from Tottori Prefecture
Rice polishing ratio: 75%
Alcohol content: Stored in bottle at room temperature at 15 degrees

☆Sommelier's tasting comments☆
Tottori Prefecture has an advantage in cultivating the raw material ``Jyoku'', which is characterized by its unique richness and acidity. This vintage has a gorgeous aroma of sweet pineapple, a pleasant acidic and spicy aftertaste, and a crisp aftertaste.

~ Brewing company Inada Honten Founded in 1673 Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture ~
They have been brewing sake in Yonago since the early Edo period. The inscription is the god of matchmaking that appears in Izumo mythology. With a spirit of ``trying and trying'' while respecting tradition, the company has carved out history through its enterprising actions, such as being the first in the country to sell a brand exclusively for cold sake. A brewery blessed with the natural beauty of Mt. Daisen, a magnificent peak in the San'in region.

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