「Japan Women’s SAKE Award~美酒コンクール~」のエイジド部門で最優秀賞、金賞、銀賞を受賞

In the "Aged Division" that judges aged sake at the " Japan Women's SAKE Award ~Beautiful Sake Contest~" held on September 28, 2023, "Ancient Sake 2001 Wakatsuru" won the top prize of the category, " Top of The Best ” and “Old and Old Bish 1999 Narimasa” won the Silver Award.

The `` Japan Women 's Sake Award '' aims to ``inherit Japanese traditional culture,'' ``revitalize the local economy,'' and ``realize a society in which women can play an active role.'' This is a competition in which only qualified women are judged. This year, 317 items were submitted from all over the country and judged in six categories.

In this contest's ``Aged Division,'' which judges aged sake, ``Ancient Beauty Sake 2001 Wakatsuru'' won the highest award, `` Top of the Best .'' This brand is characterized by its sweetness due to aging, and you can enjoy a refreshing taste with a lingering aftertaste, making it an excellent match with cheese. In addition, the Silver Award-winning ``Ancient Beauty Sake 1999 Narimasa'' has a sweet and gorgeous flavor, but also a rich flavor with a slight bitterness, making it the perfect brand for bitter chocolate.

We would like to introduce two brands that received this award.

Grand Prize Winner: Ancient Sake 2001 Wakatsuru

Sake Junmai
Raw material rice: Gohyakumangoku/general rice, milling ratio 67%
Alcohol content: 18 degrees
Room temperature tank storage

This is a pure rice aged sake made from 67% polished rice. It is characterized by the scent of sweet ripe yellow peach and honey, and the refreshing, gorgeous scent of mint. The sweetness and firm acidity spread throughout the mouth, and the aftertaste is long and very refreshing.

Brewing company: Wakatsuru Sake Brewery Founded in 1862, Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture Sake brewing experts are called toji, and there are different styles of brewing in each region depending on the climate. Representative examples include Echigo toji and Nambu toji, and Wakatsuru used to have two breweries that hired and competed with each other. Nowadays, one employee, the chief brewer, inherits and brews both styles, giving Wakatsuru its individuality.

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"2001 Wakatsuru"

Set of 3 brands of ``Kagayaki from ancient times''

"Time" 35 brand set

Silver Award Winner: Delicious Sake of Ancient Times 1999 Narimasa

Sake Pure rice raw material: Gohyakumangoku Rice polishing ratio 60%
Alcohol content: Stored in a bottle at room temperature, above 15 degrees and below 16 degrees.

Gohyakumangoku aged sake aged 20 years, characterized by its light taste. It has a sweet and gorgeous aged aroma like honey and black tea, and a rich taste with a mellow sweetness and a slight bitterness. It has a refreshing and dry taste with strong acidity.

Brewed by Narimasa Sake Brewery
Established in 1894. A small sake brewery in the Hokuriku region that uses rice suitable for sake brewing from Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture, and brews sake with the famous "spear tip water" from the lush green Mt. Io. It is said that the military commander Sasa Narimasa, from whom the name of the brewery is derived, sought water and poked the earth with a spear, and water gushed out, escaping disaster. Rice is also grown with this water.

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