This product is an old barley shochu that has been aged for over 35 years from the extremely rare domestic vintage ``1984 authentic barley shochu unprocessed sake ``Prefecture'' (prepared by Prefecture Sake Brewery / Kumamoto Prefecture)''.

The richness of long-aged shochu has been transformed into richness and aroma, and it is characterized by a mellow and sweet taste.

Japanese sake is a rare alcoholic beverage in the world that can be enjoyed at different temperature ranges, and ``Ancient Beauty'' also has this characteristic. Drinking it slightly warmed or chilled, or on the rocks, is a good way to enjoy the change in aroma and taste.
It also has a high alcohol content of 38%, so mix it with hot or cold water to your liking.
I think you will be able to discover pairings with various dishes.

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1984 Excellent (500ml)
Alcohol quality Barley raw material Domestic barley
Alcohol content 38%
From atmospheric distillation to tank storage

Award: 16th Feminaries World Wine Competition 2022 Japanese Distilled Spirits Category Silver Prize

Brewing company Prefecture Sake Brewery
Founded in 1923 Taragi Town, Kuma District, Kumamoto Prefecture
``Kuma Shochu'', which has been recognized as a geographical indication worldwide, is characterized by the use of rice, which is more expensive than other shochu raw materials. An outstanding sake brewery that was founded relatively young in the 500-year history of Kuma shochu. This young brewery once took on the challenge of producing barley shochu by atmospheric distillation. That young soul is now resurrected after 35 years.

[Capacity] 500ml

[Wrapping] Cosmetic box, wrapping paper, Noshi

[Shipping time] Shipped approximately 1-2 days after ordering (normal temperature delivery)

[Best before date] None

[How to save] Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool, dark place.

[Gift] Midyear gift/year-end gift/Father's Day/Mother's Day/birthday celebration/retirement gift/Respect for the Aged Day/60th birthday/thank you/celebration/family gift/corporate formal gift