VINTAGE 1995 Aoitsuru

Sake Jummai 

Ingredient:Rice・Rice Koji

Polished rice ratio:60%

Alcohol content:17%

Room temperature aging in tank after cold storage


Aged sake matured at ambient temperature after low‐temperature storage of brewed pure-rice sake with artisan skills. A sweet, flowery, and roasting aroma of honey or almond as well as mild sweetness fill the mouth. A moderate sourness and spicy taste make the sake totally balanced.


Hyogo Prefecture is the production area of Yamada Nishiki, the best sake-brewing rice. A viscous soil full of minerals and large temperature differences allow the ultimate sake-brewing rice to grow. Where

there is fine sake-brewing rice,

there is a brewer. Inami shuzojo

aims to produce sake with terroir

(the set of all environmental factors that affect a crop's phenotype) brewed in the local environment as one of the brewers whose origin is Yamada Nishiki.