This product ``Inishie Amami'' is  combines 3 types of authentic Amami brown sugar shochu and unprocessed sake that have been aged for over 10 years. It is a brown sugar shochu that is only allowed to be produced in the Amami Islands, and each of the three types is made in a different.

①2010 Kana(Alc.41) 300ml

This brand has a gentle, sweet, floral aroma and a refreshing taste, with a soft, enveloping smoky flavor that is pleasant. Also, because it is aged in oak barrels, it has a yellow color and a smoky flavor.

②2009 Yayoi(Alc.35.8) 300ml

This unprocessed sake is packed with flavor derived from black koji and atmospheric distillation through long-term aging. It has a fruity aroma and is characterized by a faint salty scent.

③2003 Erabu(Alc.39) 300ml

The 2005 unblended sake is blended with the 2003 unblended sake. This company, which has mastered its blending techniques, has a sweet aroma typical of brown sugar shochu, a rich tea-like aroma, a slightly spicy taste, and a pleasant smoky aftertaste.