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There is also sake in Japan that has the drops of the time it took to mature. "Old and old sake" is a premium brand that carefully selects extremely rare long-term aged sake for more than 10 years. Please enjoy the difference from the popular Asahi Shuzo and Kubota.

It has been highly evaluated by companies as a midyear gift and year-end gift product.

"HIKARI-" sheds light on seven brands that can enjoy a variety of flavors from the abundant variations of ancient and ancient sake. The old sake, which has been aged for a long time, is now infused with the seasons unique to the region. Dedicate a cup to a bright future.

set content
1997 Kikumori Kamisen (Iwate), 1998 Sato no Izumi (Fukushima), 2009 Phantom Taki (Toyama), 2001 Tenon (Gifu), 2009 Hanagaki (Fukui), 1996 Ichinoya (Fukui), 1995 Kamaya (Saitama) )

[Wrapping] Cosmetic box, wrapping paper, Noshi

[Shipping time] Approximately 3 days after ordering (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, normal temperature delivery)

[Best-by date] None

[Preservation method] Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool and dark place.

[Gifts] Midyear gifts / Year-end gifts / Father's Day / Respect for the Aged Day / Birthday gifts for the most important person / 60th birthday celebration / Thank you / Celebration / Internal celebration / Corporate formal gift


1997 Josen Kikuzakari (Iwate)

Raw rice: Rice from Iwate prefecture
Alcohol content: 15 degrees or more and less than 16 degrees
Room temperature bottle storage
Brewer: Kikuzakari Sake Brewery

Aged old sake, a long-selling product for the local community, before switching to pure rice sake production. Characterized by a clean acidity, it has a smoky flavor with aroma like caramel and almond, and the sweetness and aroma of tropical fruits spread. It is a mellow aged sake.

1998 Sato no Izumi (Fukushima)

Raw rice: Chiyonishiki Rice polishing rate 65%
Alcohol content: 19 degrees
12 low temperature storage
Brewer: Aizu Sake Brewery

A gentle scent with a mellow scent like black tea and a scent like hazelnut spreads. Aged sake with a good balance of rich sweetness and strong acidity. It has a long finish and a sweet and fragrant scent.

2009 Maboroshi no Taki (Toyama)

Sake Ginjo
Raw rice: Gohyakumangoku / Tentaku Rice polishing rate 60%
Alcohol content: 18 degrees or more and less than 19 degrees
Room temperature tank storage
Brewer: Imperial Haru Sake Brewery

Ginjo's aged old sake. The feature is that the refreshing acid rises first, and the mellow aroma of butter and the sweet aroma of banana are also felt, and it is very gorgeous, as if you are drinking dry white wine. The scent of nuts is impressive.

2001 Tenon (Gifu)

Sake book brewing
Raw rice: Hidahomare 70% rice polishing rate
Alcohol content: 20 degrees
Room temperature tank storage
Brewer: Kawashiri Sake Brewery

This brewery's confident work, this brewed aged sake. The vanilla-like scent matches the sweetness, reminiscent of chestnuts and bananas. The slightly aroma of Hida no Mori and the bitterness derived from sake rice Hidahomare are also felt, resulting in a complex and profound aged sake.

2009 Hanagaki (Fukui)

Sake Junmai
Raw rice: Gohyakumangoku / Koshi no Shizuku Rice polishing rate 60%
Alcohol content: 17 degrees
Room temperature bottle storage
Brewer: Southern Sake Brewery

A pure rice sake with a sweet finish, aiming for a long-term aged sake with a rich and delicious taste. Aged as intended, the spicy aroma of oriental cumin and nutmeg, and the sweet aroma of ripe pear spread brilliantly together.

1996 Ichinoya (Fukui)

Sake Daiginjo
Raw rice: Yamada Nishiki Rice polishing rate 40%
Alcohol content: 17 degrees or more and less than 18 degrees
Room temperature bottle storage
Brewer: Uno Sake Brewery

Daiginjo old sake using Yamada Nishiki, the king of sake rice. The aroma of well-ripened Japanese pears, the sweetness of caramel, and the spicy bitterness are well-balanced, while maintaining the clean liquor quality of the new sake. The lingering flavor is caramel popcorn.

1995 Kamaya (Saitama)

Sake special pure rice
Raw rice: Miyama Nishiki Rice polishing rate 60%
Alcohol content: 18 degrees
Room temperature tank storage
Brewer: Kamaya

Junmai sake that has been aged for 24 years in a 100-year-old storehouse. A gentle scent like a ripe banana and a floral and gorgeous scent spread. It has a good balance of mild sweetness and strong acidity, and is very tasty.