Aged old sake has certain characteristics that regular sake does not have.

It is characterized by a variety of gorgeous aromas and a rich and complex taste.

In particular, acidity and bitterness expand the possibilities of pairing with dishes.

By pouring it into a wine glass instead of a choco, you can feel a more gorgeous aroma.
Experience the unique charm of aged sake, which is just like enjoying wine.
Please enjoy

Like white wine, rosé, and red wine
There are three styles of old sake

Lightly colored, almost transparent
Easy to drink with little aged aroma
light ripe type

With a golden hue
With a nutty, ripe aroma
Feel the body just right
Medium mature type

A deep ripe type with a deep amber color and a complex aroma with a rich and rich flavor.

You can enjoy new charms by pairing each dish with each dish.

~French cuisine~

Goes well with old wines such as oil, butter, and fresh cream used in French cuisine.

You can enjoy the pairing as if you were pairing it with wine.

In addition, the three types of aged sake can be paired with everything from appetizers to fish and meat main dishes.

2000 Asahigawa × Sauteed conger eel and foie gras

The delicate and light taste of conger eel is paired with white wine-like acidity, which is a characteristic of Asahigawa.

The rich taste of foie gras has a spice aroma and "sweetness" due to aging.
Paired like noble rot wine

~Also for Japanese food~

Of course, you can also enjoy pairing with Japanese food.

Sushi goes well with vinegared rice, and you can find many surprises by changing the type of aged sake depending on the type of seafood.

White fish is served with aged sake that retains the sharpness of light to medium-ripened sake.

For crustaceans such as shrimp and crabs, and red fish, you can use a rich, medium-ripe type that is slightly warmed.

For the rich sea urchin, choose the richly ripened sea urchin with a good balance of sweetness and acidity.

Please enjoy pairing with various other dishes and ingredients.

~Also for sweets~

It goes well with sweets and you will be surprised to see it overturning your stereotypes.