The moment when a long-held dream came true has finally arrived.The long-awaited blended vintage sake, proudly delivered by the delicious sake of ancient times, has finally been completed.

Please enjoy a luxurious moment while feeling the "time" and "craftsmanship" that are packed with years of experience and skill in a cup.

Let's set off on a journey with new tastes

Design Concept

Label design concept: Japanese traditional colors and Awaji knot

The design incorporates ``vermilion'', a traditional Japanese color, and noshi, a symbol of Japanese gifts.

By using the ``Awaji knot'' as a symbol, we represent Awaji Island, which is the birthplace of the aged sake business.

The series name "Takumi" is not only a Japanese sake, but also a vintage sake brewed by master craftsmen, so we named it as the series name.

Package design concept: Japanese tradition and art

The packaging features the authors Miyuki Satake and Masahiro Tanaka of Pasona Heartful, which employs people with disabilities.

We deliver colorful designs that incorporate Japanese delicacy and elegance using the traditional Japanese obi as a motif.

Artist: Miyuki Satake Title of work: Nishijin obi Photo right 1 box

Artist: Masahiro Tanaka Title: Nishijin Obi Box of 2 and 3 pieces on the left of the photo

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