``Inishie no Bishu'' is a premium gift set of sake, shochu, awamori, and umeshu that have been aged for over 10 years and remains dormant in sake breweries across the country. We received the "Omotenashi Selection 2020" award to spread the word.

The "Hospitality Selection 2020" run by the OMOTENASHI NIPPON Executive Committee, which won the award for "Beautiful Sake of Ancient Times," is awarded to products and services that are uniquely Japanese and are judged by a selection panel of foreign nationals living in Japan. Masu.

Selected members from approximately 15 countries, including mainly buyers, overseas media operators, and embassy officials from each country, asked from a foreigner's perspective, ``Are the products/services appealing in their home country or other countries?'' ``Consumers. After evaluating whether the product conveys the spirit of hospitality, Japanese buyers and media managers will conduct a quality check on quality, design, and functionality, and the award will be determined.

``Beautiful Sake of Ancient Times'' was awarded based on the following values ​​determined by the selectors.

  • You can feel the history and culture of Japan , and it is sure to be appreciated by foreigners who love Japan.
  • I felt that this is a product that allows you to sample old sake from all ages and enjoy the taste that changes during the aging process. I want to enjoy it with my friends and customers.
  • Although sake is becoming more and more popular, consumers are hesitant to purchase large bottles of alcohol without knowing its quality or taste. On that point, I thought this product series was a great idea because it also comes in small bottles , so you can easily try out the flavors.
  • The packaging is nice, so it would be a great gift for a friend . It is also likely to become a collector's item .

How about some ``good old sake'' full of hospitality as a gift for friends and loved ones overseas who you can't meet during the year-end and New Year holidays?

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