An auspicious drink to enjoy with your family during the year-end and New Year holidays

Long-term aged sake is
In ancient times, it was also used in imperial wedding ceremonies.
A lucky charm that was favored by people of noble status.

As a year-end gift, New Year's card, or as a souvenir to return home.
Please enjoy a gorgeous family time during the New Year holidays.

"Ancient Celebration" -Iwai-

¥11,000 (tax included)

A set inspired by a special day to celebrate special days and share delicious moments.

Each has a different taste and history,
A luxurious cup that lets you feel the passage of time creates special memories etched in your heart, allowing you to enjoy rare vintage sake suitable for important milestones and moments to celebrate.

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¥16,500 (税込)



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『Sprits Award 2022』

¥19,800 (税込)

フェミナリーズ世界ワインコンクール2022年日本産蒸留酒部門にて金賞を受賞した本格麦焼酎・原酒「古昔の美酒 2010 加那」と銀賞を受賞した「古昔の美酒 1984 抜群」の2本セット


Convey your feelings of gratitude

luxury vintage sake

Sake that has been aged for over 10 years is extremely rare and valuable.
You can enjoy a rich taste that is completely different from new sake.

Ancient Sake is a brand that sells vintage SAKE gifts for mature adults.