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Add a story to your gift

Memories and relationships of trust with loved ones that have been created over time. A gift of long-term aged sake will bring back those memories.

Choose based on the gift occasion

As an anniversary gift such as a wedding anniversary

Looking back on the trajectory of growing old together as a couple with old sake

``I got married this year, and my child was born this year.''

If you give a set that allows you to taste and compare old sake from different generations, you can give the gift a fun time to talk about memories with your family or loved ones.

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Select by age

As a birthday present or Father's Day gift for your father

This year marks 25 years since my father became a father. As a token of our gratitude, we present old sake aged the same age as the present.

On Father's Day, Mother's Day, and my parents' birthdays, I want to express my gratitude to my parents for all they have done to raise me.

If you give someone a drink that has been aged for the same age as their age, they will surely feel the weight of your gratitude.