“Feminalise World Wine Competition 2021” will be held in France from March 30th to April 8th, where female wine experts from around the world, including female sommeliers, female oenologists, female wine journalists, and female chefs, will conduct strict blind judging. It was done.

In this competition, a new sake category was established in 2020, and in this year's aged sake category, we entered 3 brands representing 60 brands of the long-term aged sake premium brand ``Kokotsu no Bishu'', and all 3 brands received high prices. Thanks to your evaluation, we were able to receive the Gold Award .

We will take this award as an opportunity to strengthen the global promotion of "delicious sake from ancient times."

Feminaries World Wine Competition 2021

Japanese Sake Aged Sake Category Gold Award Winner

"Beautiful Sake of Ancient Times 2009 Phantom Waterfall"

・Raw material rice: Gohyakumangoku/Tentaku rice polishing ratio 60%
・Alcohol content: 18% or more and less than 19%
・Normal temperature tank storage
・Brewer: Kokokuharu Sake Brewery (founded in 1887, Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture)

Ginjo aged sake. It is characterized by a refreshing acidity that rises first, and you can also feel the mellow aroma of butter and the sweet aroma of banana, making it very bright and reminiscent of drinking a dry white wine. The nutty aroma in the aftertaste is impressive.

Sake brewery introduction

Mikunibaru Sake Brewery is located 50 meters from the Sea of ​​Japan, Toyama Bay. Melted snow from Mt. Tateyama gushes into the brewery. The Iku district on the banks of the Kurobe River has 20 springs, and is one of the top 100 famous water towns. Using plenty of this water, we continue to produce sake with a refreshing and light taste.

"Beautiful Sake of Ancient Times 1984 Iwanoi"

・Raw material rice: Koshihikari rice polishing ratio 60%
・Alcohol content: 14 degrees
・Normal temperature tank storage
・Brewer: Iwase Sake Brewery (founded in 1723, Onjuku Town, Chiba Prefecture)

When poured into a wine glass, it has a beautiful golden color. It is characterized by a refreshing scent reminiscent of Japanese citrus fruits and a gorgeous herbal scent. A rare type that allows you to enjoy rich fruit flavors and sharp acidity, as well as a mineral feel. It has a rich herb-like aroma and a hazelnut-like aroma. A masterpiece that will convince you that vintage sake is in a different category from new sake.

Sake brewery introduction

Iwase Sake Brewery in Chiba Prefecture, which brews "1984 Iwanoi." This is a sake brewery located in Chiba Boso, which is located in the metropolitan area of ​​Chiba but is rich in nature. We are particular about the traditional manufacturing method of ``Yamahaizukuri'' and aged sake. In 1965, we began to seriously pursue aging.

“Beautiful Sake from Ancient Times 2010 Ryuriki”

・Raw material rice: Shinryoku rice polishing ratio 65%
・Alcohol content: 17 degrees
・Normal temperature tank storage
・Brewer: Honda Shoten (founded in 1921, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture)

This old sake is made using 100% of the revived ``Shinryoku'' sake rice, and has been specially prepared to increase the koji ratio to three times the normal amount for long-term aging. It has matured as intended, and has a rich, rich flavor with a wonderfully sweet aroma reminiscent of ripe figs.

Sake brewery introduction

As a local sake brewery that produces the king of sake rice, Yamada Nishiki, Honda Shoten produces sake that brings out the flavor of rice with the motto, ``Rice sake tastes like rice.'' ``Daiginjo Rice Whisper'', a product of ``Ryuriki'', won the world's highest gold medal.

The brands that won this award are now on sale as a commemorative set of 3 bottles as ``Ancient Sake GOLD.'' Please enjoy it.

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