for ME

Give yourself an amber colored sake.

The day will come when I will retire and become independent from the company I worked at for many years.
The faces of the bosses who raised me from scratch, the colleagues who didn't want to lose, and the juniors who I couldn't leave behind came to me one after another.
From now on, I have to decide for myself what to do.
I can't blame anyone. If you are asked if there is any regret on the road you did not choose, you cannot say "no". Anxiety is great in the parts in my life I've had to protect so far.
But I want to expect more from myself.

I bought vintage sake as if to encourage myself.

A rare old sake that has been aged for over 10 years.

"Drink time"-.
It seemed like the sake I needed now, which set a break in the past and took me a step forward for many years.

The moment I arrive at my house and open the box, I am excited.
The serial number is engraved on the luxurious bottle that is reminiscent of a special gift.
If you didn't buy it yourself, you wouldn't have noticed that it was sake that looked so classy that you would want to exhibit it as it is.
Modern things are great, but unexpected developments and unusual things are also fun and bring joy. 

Prepare a glass immediately.
Expectations are high during the sound of pouring: the amber color that sways in the glass, and the sweet scent that it spreads.

I drank "1995 Aoi Tsuru".
This premium old sake is made in a land with a large temperature difference, and of which has been aged for over 20 years.

I am surprised at the mellow but spicy flavor in my mouth.
While drinking Aoi Tsuru, I think it may not be necessary to make a divide to the past.
While holding myself up until now, I will take another step forward. Take a deep step that was lighter than ever before.

A gift that stretches a hand to oneself.

I realized, while drinking, that I was going to looking forward to tomorrow.