Kura Master 2022にて「2000 朝日川」、「2010 龍力」が金賞を受賞


Kura Master 2022 was held in France again this year. In this year's newly established aged sake category , the ``2000 Asahigawa'' and ``2010 Tatsuriki'', both of which are delicious sakes from ancient times, won gold awards .



“Aged old sake” is a type of Japanese sake that is recognized around the world.

When the IWC ( International Wine Challenge ) , the world's major wine competition, established the SAKE category in 2007 , it was established that the SAKE category was on a par with the ``Junmai Sake category.'' A section was also established.


In recent years, it has been attracting even more attention, and the ``Feminaries World Wine Competition'' has newly established the ``Aged Sake Category'' for Japanese sake from 2021 , and this year, the ``Aged Sake Category'' has also been added to the `` Kura Master ''.


France and other European countries have had cultures and markets that place a high value on aging techniques from ancient times to the present day. This can be said to be proof that the movement to search for


This year's `` Kura Master '' saw 1,110 items exhibited in five categories, including the ``Junmai Sake Category'' and ``Old Sake Category.'' The ``2000 Asahigawa'' and `` 2010 Tatsuriki'' entries in the ``Old Sake Category'' of ``Beautiful Sake from Ancient Times'' received the ``Gold Award'' of the Platinum Award and Gold Award, which are awarded to the top 33 % of the participants.


With this award, " 2010 Tatsuriki" becomes the third award following "Feminars World Wine Competition 2021 " and " IWC 2022 ".



Introduction of award-winning brands

-Winner of Gold Award in Aged Sake Category-


`` 2000 Asahi River ” (Sake Honjozo) )

・Raw material rice: Dewa Sansan Rice polishing ratio 70%
・Alcohol content: 19 degrees or more and less than 20 degrees ・Stored in tanks at room temperature ・Brewer: Asahikawa Sake Brewery (founded in 1848, Kahoku Town, Yamagata Prefecture)

As soon as you put it in your mouth, you'll be greeted with an elegant acidity and rich aromas of banana, caramel, and oak that are unique to aged sake. It has plenty of sweetness, with a refreshing plum-like flavor that lingers. Great acidity and sharpness.


"2000 Asahikawa" is included in this product (one example)



2010 Tatsuriki ” (Sake Junmai)

・Main ingredient: Shinryoku Rice polishing ratio 65%
・Storage method: Room temperature tank storage ・Alcohol content: 17 degrees ・Brewer: Honda Shoten (founded 1921, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture)

This old sake is made using 100% of the revived ``Shinryoku'' rice, and has been specially prepared to increase the koji ratio to three times the normal amount for long-term aging. It has matured as intended, and has a rich, rich flavor with a wonderfully sweet aroma reminiscent of ripe figs.


This product includes "2010 Tatsuriki" (one example).


Please take this opportunity to enjoy aged sake that has been recognized around the world.