The appeal of vintage sake recommended for wine lovers

If the backbone of wine's taste is acidity, sweetness, and tannins, then the backbone of vintage sake's taste is sweetness, umami, and a long finish.

Most wines are often drunk at a slightly chilled temperature of 8 ℃ to 14 ℃, but vintage sake should be tried at room temperature first.

The sweetness of caramel and dried fruit from aging, the expansive flavor of the rice, and the long aftertaste like the sound of a koto that continues to reverberate. The flavor created by rice, yeast, and age will add a different color to your table than wine.

If you put it in your mouth with an appetizer such as raw ham, it will smooth your tongue, and if you have it as an after-dinner drink, it will give you the sweetness and satisfaction of a dessert.

Of course, it can also be used as a drink with meals. Please try pairing it with dishes that allow you to enjoy the flavor of meat such as roast beef or steak.

Its sweet, mellow aroma and strong taste, even in small amounts, go well with dishes that are generally considered to go well with wine, such as cheese and dried fruits, and will provide a new soothing experience for wine lovers. He promises.

Article/Mr. Yasuko Kawada
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