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"Drink time"

There is also sake in Japan that has the drops of the time it took to mature. "Old and old sake" is a premium brand that carefully selects extremely rare long-term aged sake for more than 10 years. Please enjoy the difference from the popular Asahi Shuzo and Kubota.

It has been highly evaluated by companies as a midyear gift and year-end gift product.

"Supreme -SIKO-" selected 5 bottles with a long aging period of 1983, 1993, 1995 and 1999 (2 brands). Enjoy the miracles that the warehouses of different regions meet here for more than 20 years.

set content
1983 Iwanoi (Chiba), 1999 Seisei (Toyama), 1999 Fukumitsuya (Ishikawa), 1995 Aoi Tsuru (Hyogo), 1993 Umenishiki (Ehime)

[Wrapping] Cosmetic box, wrapping paper, Noshi

[Shipping time] Approximately 3 to 7 days after ordering (normal temperature delivery)

[Best-by date] None

[Preservation method] Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool and dark place.

[Gifts] Father's Day / Respect for the Aged Day / Birthday gifts for the most important person / 60th birthday celebration / Thank you / Celebration / Internal celebration / Corporate formal gift

[Sales company] Takumi Sosei Co., Ltd.


1983 Iwanoi (Chiba)

Sake Junmai
Raw rice: Koshihikari rice polishing rate 60%
Alcohol content: 14 degrees
Room temperature tank storage
Brewer: Iwase Sake Brewery

The oldest release of the first release of old-fashioned sake, the 1983 vintage. The sweet and gorgeous aroma of dried fruits and nuts, the spicy flavor, and the strong acidity are reminiscent of mature white wine.

1999 Narimasa (Toyama)

Sake Junmai
Raw rice: Gohyakumangoku Rice polishing rate 60%
Alcohol content: 15 degrees or more and less than 16 degrees
Room temperature bottle storage
Brewer: Seisei Sake Brewery

A 20-year-old old sake of Gohyakumangoku, which is characterized by its light taste. A sweet and gorgeous aroma like honey or black tea spreads, giving it a thick taste with a mellow sweetness and a slight bitterness. The strong acid is refreshing and dry.

1999 Fukumitsuya (Ishikawa)

Sake mountain abandoned pure rice
Raw rice: Yamada Nishiki Rice polishing rate 65%
Alcohol content: 15 degrees
Room temperature tank storage
Brewer: Fukumitsuya

It features a balance of sweetness and acidity like apricot jam. A caramel-like fragrant and mellow aroma spread over a long period of time, and the spicy finish that you feel is a habit.

1995 Aoi Tsuru (Hyogo)

Sake Junmai
Raw rice: Domestic rice Polishing rate 60%
Alcohol content: 17 degrees
Low temperature tank storage / normal temperature aging
Brewer: Inami Sake Brewery

Takumi's old sake, which is made by carefully brewing pure rice sake for aged sake, storing it at low temperature and then aging it at room temperature. The sweet, gorgeous and fragrant aroma of honey and almonds and the mellow sweetness spread. Moderate acidity and spicy flavor put it all together.

1993 Umenishiki (Ehime)

Sake Junmai Ginjo
Raw rice: Matsuyama Mitsui, Oku Honor Rice polishing rate 55%
Alcohol content: 17 degrees or more and less than 18 degrees
Room temperature tank storage
Brewer: Umenishikiyama River

Junmai Ginjo Sake brewed in the year Maemori received the Outstanding Skilled Worker Award. Long-term aging for more than 20 years spreads the aroma of fragrant nuts and the sweetness of well-ripened yellow peach. A dry, swelling liquor reminiscent of sherry.