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This product, ``Kyoto,'' is a set of aged sake from 3 carefully selected breweries from Kyoto, the holy land of sake brewing. Along with Kyoto cuisine, we have a selection of masterpieces from sake breweries that have been highly valued since ancient times. Enjoy drinking and comparing the differences in time and taste.


1990 Kizakura (180ml)

Sake Ginjo raw material rice: Gohyakumangoku/Nihonbare polished rice ratio 60%
Alcohol content: 15% or more and less than 16% Storage in air-conditioned tank

Old Ginjo sake. It is characterized by a sweet and gorgeous scent like apricots and a rich, voluminous scent of alcohol. The sweetness is soft and spreads throughout the mouth, and the acidity is modest. A faint nutty aftertaste lingers.

1998 Order of Great Britain (180ml)

Sake Junmai Koji rice: Gohyakumangoku Kakemai: Domestic rice polishing ratio 60%
Alcohol content 18 degrees or more and less than 19 degrees Storage in tank at room temperature

The sweet and gorgeous scent of honey and yellow peach is pleasant, and the acidity and spicy flavors are well-balanced. It has a sweetness unique to old sake, and has depth, yet is clear and sharp, making it refreshing to drink, so you won't get tired of it.

2013 Tamagawa (180ml)

Sake Junmai raw material rice: Kitanishiki rice polishing ratio 66%
Alcohol content: 15 degrees or more and less than 16 degrees, stored in bottles at room temperature

This aged sake has a rich aroma of various spices, aromas like caramel and hazelnuts, and the contrast between firm sweetness and pleasant bitterness gives it a deep flavor.

Brewery: Kinoshita Sake Brewery <br>Founded in 1845, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture Kinoshita Sake Brewery is headed by Mr. Harper, a British native. We are creating new fans with our rich imagination and challenging sake brewing. Tamagawa's main theme is aging, valuing the mysterious process of change from new sake, and working hard every day to provide customers with deep impressions through the five senses and over time.


【set content】
1990 Kizakura (Kyoto), 1998 Eikon (Kyoto), 2013 Tamagawa (Kyoto) 180ml each

[Wrapping] Cosmetic box, wrapping paper, Noshi

[Best before date] None

[How to save] Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool, dark place.

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