This product, `Utage`,'' is a selection of vintage sake that has a strong flavor and aroma that goes well with meat dishes and fatty seafood. The three types of Japanese sake have been aged for over 10 years, each produced in a different sake brewery, and the tastes differ depending on the aging process, making it an enjoyable experience to compare.

①1999 Fukumitsuya

Sake Jummai

Ingredient:Rice・Rice Koji

Polished rice ratio:65%

Alcohol content:15%

Tank storage
Room temperature


This sake features a balance between sweet and sour tastes similar to apricot jam. The brilliant aroma of caramel due to the long maturation process fills your senses and the faint spicy aftertaste can be enjoyed over and over.

FukumitsuyaBrewery(Establishedin 1625)

This brewery has the longest history in Kanazawa, the capital of Kaga which has developed its own unique culture in the Hokuriku Area. The cool and clear water which takes 100 years to flow down from the sacred Mt. Hakusan and the distinct climate of the 4 seasons help make this shochu. The traditional techniques continue to undergo evolution and the brewery put its entire focus on Junmai Sake in 2001.

② 2003 Yamabuki

Sake GinjoIngredient:Rice・RiceKoji・Brewer's alcohol

Polished rice ratio:70%

Alcohol content:19~20%

Tankstorage Room temperature


A roasting aroma like cacao as well as the exotic scent of cinnamon and cumin fill the mouth. Though the sake becomes more aromatic and produces an aftertaste and richness when drunk at ambient temperature, it presents a different fine taste when warmed at higher temperature.

Kinmon Akita SAKE Brewery Co.,Ltd.(Establishedin 1939)

Based in Akita, Tohoku, an area covered with snow in mid-winter, Kinmon Akita SAKE Brewery aims to reflect the original flavor of rice in sake with a particular focus on maturation. The brewer presents its high quality as it was awarded the title Champion Sake by the IWC in 2009, and won a gold medal in the category of aged sake in the same competition in 2011.

③ 2009 Hanagaki

Sake Jummai

Ingredient:Rice・Rice Koji

Polished rice ratio:60%

Alcohol content:17%

Room temperature bottle storage


Sweet junmaishu aiming for a rich and full aged sake. The oriental spicy scent of cumin and nutmeg as well as the sweet aroma of ripe pears combined in long-term maturation add a flowery taste to this sake.

NanbuBrewery Co., Ltd.(Establishedin 1901)

Due to many sources of spring water across the city, a sake brewery has flourished in Echizen Ono since ancient times. Since the start of the brewery business in the Edo Period to the present day, the principle of Nanbu Brewery “offering high-quality handmade sake” has been appreciated by the locals. Its new challenge for aged sake while preserving traditional techniques is also highly evaluated nationwide.