Reward to myself

for ME

Give yourself an amber sake.

The day will come when I will retire from the company I worked for for many years and become independent.
The faces of the boss who raised me from scratch, the colleague who didn't want to lose, and the junior who couldn't leave it came to me one after another.
From now on, I have to decide for myself what to do.
I can't blame anyone. If you are asked if there is any regret on the road you did not choose, you cannot say "no". Anxiety is great as much as it has been protected.
But I want to expect more from myself.

I bought old sake as if to encourage myself.

A rare old sake that has been aged for over 10 years.

"Drink time"-.
It seemed like the sake I needed now, which set a break in the past and took a step forward for many years.

The moment I arrive at my house and open the box, I am excited.
The serial number is engraved on the luxurious bottle reminiscent of a special gift.
If you didn't buy it yourself, you wouldn't have noticed that it was sake that looked so fashionable that you would want to decorate it as it is.
Not only fashionable things, but also unexpected developments and unusual things are fun and happy.

Prepare a glass immediately.
Expectations are high for the sound of pouring, the amber color that sways in the glass, and the sweet scent that spreads from the glass.

I drank "1995 Aoi Tsuru".
This premium old sake is made in a land with a large temperature difference, which has been aged for over 20 years.

I am surprised at the mellow but spicy flavor in my mouth.
While drinking Aoi Tsuru, I think it may not be necessary to make a break in the past.
While holding myself up until now, I will take another step forward. Take a deeper step lighter than ever before.

A gift that stretches a little to yourself.

I realized that I was looking forward to my tomorrow while drinking.

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With a meal


How to match with French

If it's French, try it with meat dishes. Japanese sake is not as voluminous as red wine, but the light volume of aged old liquor complements the dish.

As an apéritif

The first thing I would like you to enjoy is an apéritif. Aged old sake, which is characterized by its caramel-like sweetness, has a good Japanese sweetness, which stimulates your appetite.

At the end of the day

There is no better situation than when you look back on your day and face yourself. Aged sake that awakens from a long sleep invites you into a deep sleep.

% Y% b% d — 古昔の美酒

As a gift for loved ones

for YOU

As a gift

Gifts are the most pleasing thing about aged old sake. You probably don't have much experience with gifts with serial numbers. And every time you taste it, you will be surprised. Even if you don't know about aged old sake, its rarity value and the depth of taste for the first time overlap with the life that you have spent.

As a Father's Day gift

Ancient Bishu is a perfect gift for Father's Day. Whether you are a dad who loves alcohol or a dad who only likes a little, we will create a memorable Father's Day with the story of long-term aged old sake.

As a gift for Respect for the Aged Day

Ancient sake (ancient nobishu) is a gift that gives "time". A perfect gift for Respect for the Aged Day for those who enjoy life. It is a set that you can enjoy little by little with your loved ones. The aroma and taste that differ from one bottle to another seems to be the individuality of the person who drinks with them.

On white day

Chocolate is a standard item for Valentine's Day, but you're worried about what to give back on White Day. In such a case, how about the ancient sake (Ancient Nobishu)? Why don't you give that surprise to an adult woman?

As a midyear gift / year-end gift

As the midyear gifts and year-end gifts approach, you may be wondering what to send. We have more than 10 kinds of gift sets in ancient and ancient sake (Ancient Nobishu). Each has its own characteristics, so no matter which one you give, you will be surprised and delighted.

At the opening ceremony

For the celebration of the company we have a relationship with, we would like to deliver something that everyone can enjoy together with Phalaenopsis orchid. In such a case, how about the ancient sake (Ancient Nobishu)? With the hope that the "time" of the company that will be carved from now on will continue forever.

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For wine lovers


The charm of vintage sake recommended for wine lovers

If the skeleton of the taste of wine is sourness, sweetness, and tannins, the skeleton of the taste of vintage sake is sweetness, umami, and length of finish.

Most wines are often drunk in a slightly cold state of about 8 ° C to 14 ° C, but first try vintage sake at room temperature.

The sweetness of aging caramel and dried fruits, the swelling umami of rice, and the length of the lingering sound of koto. The taste of rice, yeast, and years will add a touch of color to the table that is different from wine.

If you put it in your mouth with an appetizer such as prosciutto, it will smooth your tongue, and if you take it after a meal, it will produce a dessert-like sweetness and satisfaction.

Of course, as sake during meals. Please try it with dishes that allow you to fully enjoy the taste of meat such as roast beef.

The sweet and mellow aroma and the solid taste even in a small amount go well with dishes that are generally considered to be compatible with wine, such as cheese and dried fruits, and it is a new healing time for wine lovers. Promises me.

Article / Mr. Yasuko Kawada
President of Nagareyama Wine Club
Japan Sommelier Association Certified Wine Expert Food Coordinator
Active in planning events related to wine and food, developing menus for restaurants and companies, wine courses, styling and shooting wine and food, writing columns, etc.
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